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G-Tex Stainless
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G-Tex also offer a large and eye-catching colour range. Beautiful finishes in Gold, Bronze, Champagne, Blue, Red, Green and Black give an extra dimension and uniqueness to any exterior or interior design.

Decorative applications include the cladding of doors and entrances, furniture, ceilings, walls, facades, chimneys, roof ends, window sill weatherings and many more.

The colouring process does not apply additional layers containing colour substances, which might peel or impair the properties of stainless steel, but it actually chemically strengthens the passive layer of chromium oxide, the origin of the corrosive resistance in stainless steel, and therefore makes the material ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.


    G-Tex Coloured Finishes:


Mirror Gold



Mirror Red



Mirror Black



Satin Gold



Satin Green



Satin Black



6WL Front Gold Hi-Lighted



6WL Front Blue Hi-Lighted



Ice Black



Dots Bronze



Dots Bronze Hi-lighted



Dots Reverse Gold Hi-lighted



Squares Gold Hi-Lighted



5WL Front Blue Hi-Lighted



Diamond Gold



5WL Gold



6WL Black



Chessboard Gold



Champagne Leather



Rhomboid Reverse Black